Editor of pen my blog Shivani Balraj has made an extensive coverage
after attending our Grandeur Red Launch Party.

Editor of pen my blog Shivani Balraj has made an extensive coverage after attending our Grandeur Red Launch Party.

CNY Footwear | Lewre Bespoke The Red Grandeur

Friday, 06 January 2017 | Article Link
The Red Grandeur Collection

Elevating a woman’s sophistication is a phase like no other, and there is just something about personalized footwear that does just that.

Now I am sure that plenty of you are familiar with Lewre Bespoke, and with Chinese New Year coming up at the end of the month, we took a look at its Red Grandeur Collection that was inspired by the Forbidden City of China.

With founder and designer Dato Lewre Lew

As you can see, this latest 2017 line by Lewre Bespoke features rare gemstones and clog designs that personate the beauty of queens, and since The Forbidden City is well known among artisans globally, it is basically a design haven for one to appreciate supreme craftsmanship.

Some of the designs
A Closer Look

Hence when it came down to matriculate style and design, The Forbidden City did indeed spark the imagination of renowned designer and royal couturier Dato Lewre Lew.

His fascination of ancient beauty was one that motivated the contrasting royal colors of red, yellow and purple that can be seen within the collection; which in turn, became a blend of auspicious colors for the Lunar New Year Celebration.

Taking a look at the designs

Highlighted motif with rare gemstones of course can be personalized to any preference you desire, and as most comfortable features go, the key element remains to be the modern clog which derives from the grace of princesses strolling in the royal courtyard.

There are also other inspirations as well which drew encouragement, and that included the elegant blue porcelain designs, head wear’s and the classic pot platforms.

The styled motifs
To the perfect fit
Now while the Lewre Bespoke brand resonates strongly with the beauties of ancient dynasties, it is good to note that these beautiful pairs are personalized with strong and masterful craftsmanship, and thus are not mass produced.
On the inspiration for the collection

So in terms of this, design and comfort takes precedence; where if you have taken an interest in one, 2 fittings would be taken into consideration in the matter of 2 weeks to assure that the perfect fit, snugness and lift is strongly prioritized to your expected needs.

The Signature Heels

Plus if you are investing in a pair for a wedding, you can also come back right after it is done (visit Lewre Bespoke at The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City) and personalize it again; which would result  in a rather versatile long term wear.


If you are curious or interested in the retail for The Red Grandeur Collection, the prices for the selection ranges from RM2K -RM5K, while the signature heels are at RM4K a pair. In the meantime, for further details on the line and more, you can head on over to their Facebook Page for more information.